scores for week 11 are up

Thanks to Nick for hosting us again, especially with what appeared to be a record turnout.  37 players for the evening, but there was still ample space and games for everyone.  We also had a drop in visit from TOPL alumni Alexis (FLX), who some of you remember moved off to the UK a few years back.  We also had three new members come out last night, so welcome to Ruo and the two Daves! 

Scores for this week are up on the PAPA website, and I’ve also changed the link in the top navigation menu to always point to the latest scores.  There’s enough old data on there now to keep most improved stats accurate (we’re up to the last three seasons).  Remember that if you have any questions about how the new system works, or if you notice something that’s not lining up, don’t hesitate to ask.  It looks like Adam and John are now tied for points total and high scores, while Stephane is still hanging onto the lead for Most Improved. 

Next week we’re at Andrew’s place-have a great week everyone!

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