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Season 1 2018-Scores for week 6

Thanks to Jim for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and it’s shaping up to be a close season.  So far, the top 10 players are within 7 points of each other, but with 8 more weeks to go, it’s still anyone’s to win. 

Just a reminder that there’s no pinball next week for Family Day, and we’re at Kim’s the week after that.  Dates for the rest of the season should be up soon (I’m just waiting on a couple more confirmations).  Have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2018-Scores for week 5

Thanks to Adam and Denise for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, including more badges.  If you want to track the badge leaderboard, you can check that out on its own here.  It’s also the first week that we can start tracking most improved, which David Newman now has a commanding lead on.  There’s still a lot of season left to play, but a 17% improvement is still a great start!

Next week we’re playing at Jim’s place-have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2018-scores for week 4

Thanks to Nick for hosting this week, and thanks again to Jerry from Player One Amusements for bringing out Dialed In, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars, as well as pizza for the event.  Despite the weather, we still had a good turnout for the night, and scores are up on the PAPA site.  Things are a little off this week because the dropped weeks all went into effect at once, but that sorts itself out after a couple more scores are added to the system.  Next week we’ll also be able to start tracking Most Improved. 

Next week we’re back up to Adam’s place in Keswick-hopefully the weather is better this time, since it seems that every major snow storm this month has hit on a Monday.  Have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2018-scores for week 1

Thanks to Luch for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and you might notice that in addition to the badges, there’s also an icon that shows a streak of how many times you’ve won your group.  So far Mike is at 3 in a row, and he also happens to be winning the season so far! 

Next Monday we’re back out to Nick’s place-have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2018-Scores for week 2

Thanks to Walt and Scott for hosting us at Bluffs this week!  Despite the snow, we still had enough people make it out to make for a great league night-hopefully everyone made it home safely.  The scores are up on the PAPA site, and it looks like Mike Capocci is off to an early lead on the season.  There’s still a lot of pinball to play though, so we’ll see how the season develops. 

Next week we’re at Luch’s place-have a great week everyone!

Playoff results Dec 2017

Thanks to Adam for hosting everyone all day today for a great tournament, and a special thanks to Player One Amusements for the loan of the Guardians of the Galaxy machine!  We had a decent turnout for playoffs considering that it was the last full weekend before Christmas stuff starts in full gear.  After 16 match play rounds, and a four game final, here’s the final standings:


Congratulations to Adam for winning the tournament, although Dave Smith did take it to the final game. 

Also, congratulations to Myles who won the machine giveaway for the year!  Myles will be taking home the recently restored Hot Hand that we purchased as a prize:


This was the last official TOPL event for 2017, and we’ll be taking a break until January.  Have a merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and if you have time off over the next few weeks, enjoy that too.  We’re starting into the new season on January 8 at Eddie’s place.  If you’ve got friends who are interested in coming out, it’s a great time to start, since we’ll have loads of space, lots of games, and the first week of a brand new season!

Fall 2017-Scores for week 14

Despite the snow this Monday, we still had 17 people make it out this week to close out the season.  Final scores are up on the PAPA site, and as expected, Adam has won the season again (despite only being #3 in Canada now).  With the handicap rules, Adam Hollander has taken the win, and on the Most Improved front, Charles has captured that trophy.  Congratulations to all the winners, and your trophies should be ready early next season after we get the new plaques. 

Speaking of next season, a reminder that we’re getting ready to launch the new scoring system in January.  Week 1 is going to be at Eddie’s place, where we’ll be signing members up for the new season, but also giving everyone a chance to participate in a Guardians of the Galaxy launch tournament.  The Guardians tournament is being run as a separate event from the TOPL league night, and will be a separate $5 entry fee.  Doors open at 6, and TOPL will still start at 8, so if you’re interested in playing both, come out early. 

We’ve still got the playoff tournament for this year at Adam’s place on Sunday though, which should be a good day of pinball to cap off the year.  Doors open at 10:30, and we’re aiming for an 11 am start for match play.  Remember that this is an open tournament, so if anyone else wants to get in some last minute points to qualify for the provincials in 2018, this may be your last chance.  Have a great week, and I’ll see everyone at Adam’s on Sunday!

Fall 2017-Scores for week 12

Thanks to Jim for hosting this week!  A smaller turnout than last week, but even numbers meant being able to have game choice, which is a good preview for what’s coming next season.  Everyone I’ve talked to about it seems to like the idea, so hopefully the switch in January goes well.  There’s still this season to finish out though, and the results for this week are up on the PAPA site.  Adam Hollander is leading the handicap race, while Charles is hanging on to most improved. 

Next week we’re back up to Adam’s place, which should be a good warmup for the playoffs on the 17th.  Have a great week everyone!

Fall 2017-Scores for week 11

Thanks to Andy and Chris (and Andy’s Parents) for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and Dave, G Adam H, and Charles are all quite close to each other for Most Improved with only a few weeks left to go in the season. 

Next week we’re at Jim’s place, and just a reminder that Playoffs are coming up on Dec 17th at Adam’s place if you haven’t been checking the calendar.  Have a great week everyone!