Scores and standings-week 8

Thanks to Kim for hosting everyone this week!  We had one new member this week, so welcome to Anthony!  Scores are up on the PAPA site.  Luch is back in the lead for most improved, and Mike Capocci is close to edging out John for second place in the overall points total. 

Next week, we’re at 3030 downtown for our first public location since the Pinball Cafe closed down.  Remember that there is no host fee for this location, but that games are on coin drop (everyone is responsible for paying for their own league games), and food and drink is your own responsibility.  Fortunately, 3030 has a good variety of both available, so you should be covered.  See everyone there!

Scores and standings-week 7

Scores for this week are up, and while Adam and John are still in the 1/2 spots, Mike and Steve M have both moved up a little.  Barry has also jumped to the lead for Most Improved.

For this week’s Mystery Score challenge, Adam J and Chris B each won a pair of headphones courtesy of Myles.  We’ll be giving away two sets of premium earbuds each week until we’re done with them.

See everyone at Kim’s next week!

Putting the TO back in the PL!

TOPL is putting the TO back in the PL by finally heading back downtown again to visit 3030 for a league night on Oct 5th.

As this is a public venue there will be no host fee for the night, but you will be responsible for coin drop at the location. Also 3030 has a great selection of food and beer so make sure you come hungry/thirsty!

For new players who can’t make it out to our more rural locations, this is an opportunity to give Canada’s longest standing pinball league a try. League fees are waived for new members if you have never attended a league night before.

Also as a reminder a Williams Disco Fever will be given away at our playoffs at the end of this season, and just by attending on Oct 5th that gets you another shot to win this machine!

Finally we will also be doing a Mystery Tshirt draw on that night and giving away one of the TOPL Grey Colored TShirts!

For anyone not familiar with our regular league nights, players are put in the groups of 3 or 4 so we need players to show up before 8pm to sign in as groupings will be created at 8pm sharp and play will begin as soon as sheets have been completed.

Look forward to seeing everyone at 3030!

Mike, Adam and Chris
Your TOPL Leadership Team

New Sponsors

Want to take a moment and recognize some new sponsors to the league!

First Kim Darwoski, Kim donated a Tshirt to the league that was misplaced but $30 has been provided to make up the cost of the misplaced shirt. Once the run of white shirts has been sold out, we have plans to do another run of color TOPL shirts and at that time we will purchase a shirt with Kim’s donation to giveaway as part of our Mystery Score Giveaway! So thanks very much for that Kim.

Next Myles Cameron has graciously donated 10 sets of headphones to the league! We will be giving these away 2 sets per week for the next 5 weeks again via Mystery score. Thanks very much to Myles for the donation!

Finally Mike Luciani has donated another $100 to the league again to increase the food available at the league Playoffs!

Thanks to each and every one of our sponsors! Your support is very much appreciated.

If you have something you would like to donate to the league, please let myself, Luch or Chris know and we will work with you to see it best benefit everyone in the league!

Chris, Mike and Adam
Your TOPL Leadership Team

Scores and standings-WEek 6

Thanks to Jim for hosting again this week!  The pinball problem reports from the playoffs definitely helped, since it meant a whole bunch of issues that everyone found with the games at the last tournament had been fixed.  Sometimes, half the problem of keeping these games running is just knowing what is broken and how to reproduce the problem, so remember that if you run into a problem with a game, grab a form and file a problem report.  Blank forms are with the score sheets. 

Scores for this week are up, and it’s still a pretty close race for points.  Note that we’re dropping the 3 lowest weeks right off the bat now, so look at the “adjusted points” to see where you stand.  Chris and Luch are both pulling double digits in Most Improved, and Adam appears to be pulling ahead yet again in high scores. 

Next week, we’re at Chris’ place in Mississauga, and we’ll be starting a new Mystery Score Giveaway.  Myles has donated a bunch of pairs of headphones to the league, so we’ll be giving away two pairs a night until we’re through them.  Thanks Myles! 


Scores and standings-week 4

Thanks to Nick for hosting this week, and another special thanks to Kev for bringing those awesome samosas again.  Scores are up at the PAPA site.  Still one more week until we can start tracking most improved stats, but Adam and John are starting to pull into the lead for total points, and Adam is still in the lead for high scores.  We’re playing at Adam’s next Monday, so everyone will have a chance to check out the start of the excavation for the new building (follow the progress on 

Also, I wanted to give a shout out to the folks who are running City Pinball, a new downtown Toronto league that’s just starting up.  Their first night is Sept 9 at Junction City Music Hall (2907 Dundas St. W.), so if you’re looking to get in even more pinball every week, check them out on Facebook. 

Scores for week 3, plus mystery score winner

Thanks to Andrew for hosting a big crowd this week-we were back up to 35 people this Monday, with Kevin C making it out for his first TOPL night.  Welcome to the league Kevin!  Adam is still in the lead for season points, as you can see on the standings, but there are only 10 points separating 1st and 10th places at this point, so it’s still anyone’s season to win.  This week we also had out Mystery Score giveaway, sponsored by Seedees Images.  This is where we have a sealed envelope score (5 or 6 random digits) and compare it to everyone’s scores on all their league games.  We take the last digits of all the scores, and whoever comes closest to the mystery score wins.  This week’s score turned out to be:


And Mike Luciani was the lucky winner of a great piece of gameroom artwork:


Congratulations Luch, and thanks again to Cryss for the prize donation.

Scores and standings week 2

Thanks to Luch for hosting everyone this week after a two week break for the long weekend and ReplayFX.  We had at least 14 TOPL players in the Pinburgh tournament-Steve Machado won the D division, and Adam and John both qualified in A, so congratulations to all of them!  This week’s scores are up on the PAPA site.  With only 2 weeks into the season, things are still really close, with Adam only having a one point lead on Mike Capocci for the season lead.  Also, welcome to James Watson, who made it out to his first league night last night. 

Next week we’re at Andrew’s place, where we’ll also be having another Mystery Score giveaway for the art print that was donated by seedees images.  We compare the last digits of your score to what’s in the sealed envelope, and whoever is closes will win the print-everyone who shows up to Andrew’s has a chance to win.  Have a great week!

New Sponsor! – SeeDeeS Images

Would like to take moment today and announce the newest sponsor of TOPL!

SeeDeeS Images is a Pittsburgh based photography and imaging studio run by the talented Cryss Stephens. Along with being a top tier player Cryss also runs a great studio making some really amazing pinball related artwork.

Cryss was generous enough to donate this print to the league. It’s actually printed on metal and mounted on wood for hanging.


This will be given away on the Aug 17th League night at Andrew’s place via our Mystery score Giveaway!

Thanks very much for the donation Cryss, I’m sure someone in the league will be very happy come Aug 17th!

Please make sure to check out Cryss’s site and drop him a line to say thank you for the sponsorship, also if any of his works intrigues you tell him you’re from TOPL and I’m sure he will work out a deal for you

Scores and Standings-week 1

Welcome to another season of the Toronto Pinball League!  Last night we started our third season for 2015, which is slated to run from now until the beginning of December.  We’ve got some good stuff planned for the rest of the year, including the pinball machine giveaway at the end of season playoffs.  Remember that it’s an entry for every regular league night and playoff that you attended in the three 2015 seasons, so the more you come out, the more chance you have to win!

As always, thanks to Kim, our host, for opening up his home to us, and keeping everyone fed through the evening.  We had three new people join us for their first league night, so welcome to Catherine, Phil, and Chris P-hopefully we’ll see you out again soon!  The scores for this week are up on the PAPA site.  Only one week in, so there’s not much to see yet, but several people are up in double digits.

This week we also had a mystery score giveaway, where the score whose last five digits were closest to the sealed value (this time 72163) won a TOPL shirt, courtesy of Eddie D’Orazio.  This week’s winner, pictured below, was John Flitton, who couldn’t wait to show off his prize to the camera:


So congratulations John, and thanks again to Eddie for the donation.  We’ll be doing a couple more of the mystery shirt draws this season, so keep an eye on the website updates, and we’ll announce it in advance next time. 

Next week we’re taking the stat holiday off, so have a good long weekend, and I’ll see you at Luch’s on the 10th.  Also, good luck to everyone going to the Pinburgh tournament at ReplayFX in Pittsburgh.  This year is going to break last year’s record for the largest match play tournament, with 700 players competing, including a bunch of TOPL players.