League management changes

Just a bit of business to take care of;

I am resigning from the position of president of the Toronto Pinball League at the end of the current season. I’m announcing it now so that the league can decide how they want to fill that position.

The terms for treasurer and scorekeeper go on until 2016, so they can organize the process. Alternatively, the position could be left vacant till the 2016 elections or if less than 2 candidates step forward, a new president can be named.

I’ll ensure a smooth transition, passing ownership of the topl.ca and topl.org domains. The website is currently hosted on my server, but I will grant ftp access to pull and transfer the site to a new server under league control.

I’ll continue as a member, paying my league fees and continue playing pinball.

Thanks for the opportunity of being part of the league and I look forward to what the future brings.


Scores and standings-Week 10

Thanks to Chris F for hosting everyone this week, and for giving everyone a chance to get a Mustang LE into league play.  Of course, two league nights in there’s now a precedent for Chris having a new game every time he hosts, so we’ll see whether there’s any changes to the lineup next season.  For now though, we have five more weeks to go in the regular season, which now counts for WPPR points, so the final points tally matters more than ever!

High scores this week went to:

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Alive and flipping: Resurgence in pinball machines has players and collectors around the world on tilt


By: David Sanderson


Better than shady land deals and contentious severance packages: When the city council in Oakland, Calif., convened last summer, one of the items on the agenda was a proposal to repeal a bylaw that forbade residents of that burg from playing pinball.

Oakland’s ban, which council members voted unanimously to lift, dated back to the Dirty Thirties — an era when pinball was viewed in many circles as a form of gambling.

“Pinball was illegal in lots of places for years,” says Rick Exner, a Winnipegger who manages an online forum (www.wpgpinball.forumotion.ca), which caters to pinball aficionados in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. “Pinball wasn’t allowed in New York (City) until 1976, I believe, and Chicago, too, even though that’s where most of the machines were being built.”

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New Tournament-PCS Pingolf open


Ontario Champion Trophy

The second annual Ontario Provincial Championship will be taking place in Georgetown, Ontario on Feb 7th 2015!
In conjunction with this event will be a 9 Hole Pingolf tournament!
This is an objective based tournament which each ball that you play counting as a stroke.
The player with the lowest stroke count at the end of the tournament will win the PCS Pingolf tournament!
Even though this is running in Conjunction with the Ontario PCS, you do not need to be qualified in the PCS in order to attend.
The Pingolf tournament will be the first opportunity to get some WPPR points for the 2015/2016 Ontario PCS!
There will be no limit on how many times you attempt to play in the tournament, but only your lowest total score will count.
Each attempt will be $10
Prizes will be paid out as follows:
1 – 50% of Prize Pool
2 – 25% of Prize Pool
3 – 15% of Prize Pool
4 – 10% of Prize Pool
Machines and objectives are still TBD, but will be published ahead of time.
The event will start at noon on Feb 7th and end 1 hour after the completion of the Ontario PCS.

For more details contact Adam Becker, or check out the facebook page for the event.

The Toronto Pinball League