Scores and standings-week 4

Thanks to Chris for having everyone out to his place this week!  The central location meant a big turnout, so almost all of his games were in league play.  It’s also not often that a new pinball machine gets released these days, so the first chance at a new machine is always interesting.  While the version of the Walking Dead that we played will probably bear little resemblance to what the “final” game turns out to be, it was still a fun machine with steep ramps and a pretty nasty prison magnet.  While we couldn’t put everyone’s league group on the game (since we would have been there until midnight), at least just about everyone had a chance to get a shot at it in free play, and I’m also sure that this won’t be the last time we’re at Frolic’s.

Also, welcome to Mike, who made it out to his first TOPL night this week.  Hope to see you out again!

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PBS: Flipping Out Over Pinball

Thanks to a group of dedicated and passionate pinball players here in Northeast Ohio, folks are starting to flip out again over Pinball at places like the Superelectric Pinball Parlor on West 78th Street, Kid-force Collectibles in Berea, and The Happy Dog in Gordon Square.


Brian Hill, Cleveland Pinball League
Sean Watterson, Happy Dog bar owner
Ben Haehn, Superelectric Pinball Parlor
Don Johnson, Kidforce Pinball League
Michelle McCleester, tournament player & collector
John Delzoppo, tournament player & collector