Fall 2016-scores for week 6

Thanks to Andrew for hosting a packed house this week for an unusually warm October.  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and it’s still early enough that anyone could take the season.  Frolic continues to lead most improved, and Barry continues to lead the handicap race.

Next week we’re back out to the Bluff’s to play Scott’s collection of games.  See everyone there!

Fall 2016-scores for week 5

Thanks to the whole crew at Cabin Fever for hosting us this week.  It’s the first time we’ve been at the location, and even though we had to spread 8 groups across 7 games, everything held up, and it still made for some good league play.  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and Adam and Barry are tied for the lead.  We can also start tracking most improved, and Barry is in a commanding lead right now with 21%. 

There’s no pinball next week because of the Thanksgiving long weekend, and then the week after that we’re at Andrew’s place.  Have a great long weekend, and see everyone in 2 weeks!  Pinball expo is also next week in Chicago, so keep an eye out for new game reveals from Stern and Jersey Jack. 

Fall 2016-Scores for week 3

Thanks to Jim for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and so far Barry and Adam are out in front for the season.  They’re also just behind Frolic when you take handicaps into account too.  Another good turnout for this week, which means this promises to be a good season.  2 more weeks and we can start tracking most improved.

We’re at Kim’s place next week-have a great week everyone!

Fall 2016-Scores for week 2

Thanks to Nick for hosting this week!  We had our biggest turnout in a while this week, thanks to the nice weather, good location, and first week after Labour day.  We also had 2 new members out this week, so welcome to Frank and Adam H!

Scores for the week are up here. We’re out to Jim’s place next week-hope to see everyone there!

Fall 2016-Scores for week 1

Welcome to another TOPL season!  Thanks to Luch for hosting the season opener-scores are up here.  We had a few new people out this week, so welcome to Matthew, Aly, and Sebastan.  This is shaping up to be a good season-we have 10 hosts on the calendar for the first 10 weeks.  There are still some dates to fill in, but for those planning ahead, playoffs are planned for Dec 18. 

Next week, there’s no pinball on Labour Day Monday, so enjoy the long weekend!  Week 2 is at Nick’s place on Sept 12.

Playoff results-August 2016

Another playoff tournament is in the books!  Thanks to Adam and Denise for having everyone out to the new building for the day, and for keeping everyone very well fed.  We had a good turnout, with a bunch of new players, and some familiar faces visiting from out of town.  We also tried something a little different for the A/B divisions this time around.  For the first 7 rounds, we used regular match play pairs with everyone playing everyone else.  Then we split the player base in two, and reset the standings for B division in a separate tournaments for the next 8 rounds.  Here’s how the A and B standings looked after qualifying (15 rounds in A, 8 in B):



There were then 4 separate playoff rounds-2 for each division-to determine the top 8 players in A and B, and decide prize money.  In the end the final standings for A division were:


And for B division:


Thanks to everyone who made it out, and congratulations to all the winners!  Next week, we start with a brand new season at Luch’s place.  Also, remember that we’re still giving away a machine at the end of the season (the Black Pyramid that you may have played at Adam’s this weekend), and you get an entry for every week that you make it out to TOPL. 

scores for week 14

Thanks to Nick for hosting the last league night of the season!  The final season results are up here, and John came extremely close to tying Adam for the season points total.  Close doesn’t count though, so Adam takes the season champ trophy again.  This also gives us the first season with results for the handicap system, and it looks like the system is working.  Congrats to David Newman, who not only took the lead in that race, but in most improved as well!  That means he gets both trophies, and a replay into next season. 

Playoffs are coming up on Sunday at Adam’s place, and doors open at 10:30.  We’re aiming for an 11:00 start for match play rounds.  As before, there’ll be an A and B division for playoffs-I’ll send out more details later in the week once we finalize eligibility. 

Thanks to everyone who made it out this season, and see you on Sunday.  Remember that playoffs are an open event, so if anyone wants to drop in and get a full day of competitive pinball, they’re more than welcome to come out.  League nights for the start of next season have also been posted to the Yahoo and Facebook calendars.

Scores for week 13

Thanks to Andrew for hosting this week, and for giving most of the league their first chance to play The Hobbit!  There’s only one more week left in the regular season, and the scores are up here.  Most improved and the handicap race are both incredibly close.  We’ll see what next week brings.

Speaking of next week, we’re at Nick’s next Monday for the end of the regular season, and then out to Adam’s the following Sunday for playoffs.  Have a great week!

Scores for week 12

Thanks to Kim for hosting this week!  The season is starting to wrap up, and the scores still have Adam and John in fairly tight contention for the season points total.  Julian and Dave are still fighting it out for the handicap total, with Julian ahead by just 2 points.  Julian is also leading in the Most Improved race again.

Next week, we’re off for the long weekend, and then we’re back to Andrew’s place the week after that.  Have a great long weekend everyone!

Scores for week 11

Thanks to Jim for having us back to his place this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and Dave and Julian are tied for the season lead right now.  Dave still has a slight edge on the most improved stat for the season, but there are still 3 regular season weeks left before playoffs.  Also wanted to welcome two new members this week, both named Rob D (who came independently of each other).  Welcome Rob and Rob, and hopefully we see you guys out again. 

We’re out to Kim’s place next week-see everyone there!