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scores for week 11 are up

Thanks to Nick for hosting us again, especially with what appeared to be a record turnout.  37 players for the evening, but there was still ample space and games for everyone.  We also had a drop in visit from TOPL alumni Alexis (FLX), who some of you remember moved off to the UK a few years back.  We also had three new members come out last night, so welcome to Ruo and the two Daves! 

Scores for this week are up on the PAPA website, and I’ve also changed the link in the top navigation menu to always point to the latest scores.  There’s enough old data on there now to keep most improved stats accurate (we’re up to the last three seasons).  Remember that if you have any questions about how the new system works, or if you notice something that’s not lining up, don’t hesitate to ask.  It looks like Adam and John are now tied for points total and high scores, while Stephane is still hanging onto the lead for Most Improved. 

Next week we’re at Andrew’s place-have a great week everyone!

Scores and standings week 10

Thanks to everyone for coming out to my place this week!  We had a good turnout for the last third of the season, and things are still far from locked.  Besides, there’s pinball to be played, and play it we did!  As usual, scores are also posted on the new site as well as here.  There should be enough data on the papa site so that most improved is accurate for everyone now (at least it matches what’s in the excel sheet now), and you can go back and look at the data for the past few seasons.  Starting next season, the papa site is going to be the only place we’ll publish scores, and we’re working on ways to get even more historical data on there. 

High scores this week went to:


Which keeps John in the lead for the season, but Adam is catching up:

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Scores and standings-week 12

Thanks to Glen for hosting everyone this week, and for shifting his work schedule so he could still host.  Also, thanks to everyone who offered to host at the last minute when it looked like Glen wouldn’t be able to take the week-it’s definitely appreciated.  We had a smaller crowd than usual this week because of the weather, but we still had 14 people make the drive in the snow to play pinball.  Fortunately, everything had been pretty much cleaned up by the evening, so things weren’t too bad.  We had a great time with some of the top games from the Bally/Williams era.

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Scores and standings-Week 10

Thanks to Chris F for hosting everyone this week, and for giving everyone a chance to get a Mustang LE into league play.  Of course, two league nights in there’s now a precedent for Chris having a new game every time he hosts, so we’ll see whether there’s any changes to the lineup next season.  For now though, we have five more weeks to go in the regular season, which now counts for WPPR points, so the final points tally matters more than ever!

High scores this week went to:

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