Scores and standings-week 9

It’s not very often that we get to put a new host into the rotation, and this week was different because it was our first public location since the Pinball Cafe closed down.  Many thanks to Dan and the whole crew at 3030 for having us out.  Good beer, good food, and good pinball.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the change of pace.  We also picked up a few new players this week, so hopefully this will be a good way to convert some more regulars to the league. 

Scores for this week are up on the PAPA site, and the standings are still pretty tight.  Adam has a 10 point lead on John, but there’s also a bunch of people in the 70s that could still catch up.  Also, keep in mind that there are WPPR points for season standings, so even if you’re not topping the list, higher standings do affect your overall ranking (including for the Provincials next year).  Luch is still holding on to most improved by a percentage point, so we’ll see how that holds for the rest of the season. 

We’re taking next week off for Thanksgiving, and then the week after we’re at Luch’s place on the 19th.  Enjoy the long weekend, and remember that the election is on the 19th, so if you’re planning on going straight from work to pinball, you might want to detour to go vote, or get it taken care of ahead of time.

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