Scores and standings-week 10

Thanks to Luch for hosting this week-we had a good turnout, and some new games to try out, some of which didn’t make it into rotation due to issues.  Everything should be up and running for the playoffs at the end of November though, so at least people got a chance to try everything out.  Scores for this week are up on the PAPA site.  As expected, Adam has pulled way ahead in the points and high score totals, but it’s still theoretically possible for someone to catch him.  The rest of the standings are pretty close too, so there’s lots of room to shift for WPPR points.  We also had two more Mystery Score giveaways this week, with Kirk and Mike C each winning a pair of the headphones that Myles donated (thanks again Myles!). 

Next week we’re back out at Nick’s place-have a great week!

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