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ToPL Members make finals in A/B/C/Classics divisions at PAPA 17


The PAPA 17 World Pinball Championship was held this past weekend in Pittsburgh. Some of our ToPL members who were there went all the way to the finals of their division:

Adam Becker (A Division finals) – finished 21st, 66 Classics I, 94th Classics III.
Jack Tadman (B Division finals) – finished 10th, 64th Classics III.
Eddie D’Orazio (C Division finals) – finished 11th, 70th Classic I, 62nd Classics III.
John Flitton (Classics III) – Finished 17th, 26th A Division

Results for other ToPL Members (if any are missing please reply to this post and we’ll add them):

David Smith – 38th B Division, 64th Classics III
Les Kowal – 41st B Division, 47th Classics I, 9th Classics II, 98th Classics III
Stephane Raymond – 26th C Division, 69th Classics III
Pete Nicholls – 57th C Division, 24th Seniors, 75th Classics III
Simon Brown – 75th C Division, 73rd Classics III
Ann Nicholls – 128th C Division, 129th Classics III
Hilary Hawoth – 140th C Division, 128th Classics III
James DeVuono – 94th Classics II, 87th Classics III

Congratulations to everyone for making us proud!

Topl New Management

Some new players have taken the helm of ToPL.


Chris CF – President. ToPL Member since 2013.


Chris CMB – Scorekeeper. ToPL Member since 2009.  Chris is also a host.

Mike – Treasurer. ToPL Member since 2013. Mike is also a host.

TOPL Member John JRF Wins B Division at PAPA 16!

Congratulations to John JRF for winning B Division at PAPA 16!

Here is a run down of TOPL action at PAPA 16 from Adam:

Randy, part time TOPL member also made the trip and tried his luck in the B division, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut.  Jason, another part time TOPL player from Ottawa was also able to qualify in the B division but after fighting tough, in the quarter finals, went out in the semis.

The C Division saw the most participation from TOPL with, Les, Mike, Barry, Eddie, Simon, Stephane and David Smith all participating in the C Division.  Eddie and Barry both qualified early in the Division, with Mike and Les squeaking in at the last second.  A hard fought effort from Stephane, Simon and Dave who didn’t make the cut but still gave it their best.

Barry unfortunately ended up going out in the first round, Eddie falling in the second after winning a tie breaker in the quarter, Mike and Les making a valiant effort in the finals.  Les made a costly mistake on Avatar of playing out of turn in the final but will still able to secure 2nd place with Mike following behind at 3rd.

In the A division Adam and Maurice gave it their best competing against the best players in the world, but neither were able to qualify.

In classics John was also able to impressively qualify in all 3 Classic tournaments taking top 8 in 2 and top 16 in the third.

We only had one member playing in the Seniors division and coming one position short Barry gave it his best shot, but time was not on his side as he had to spend some more time qualifying in C.
Congratulations to everyone who participated, winning or not, at this year’s PAPA, you did TOPL proud and I look forward to seeing you continue to represent the league is other competitive events.

Dan adds:

Handful of other topl people were also at PAPA in the C division … Stephane (25th), Simon (107th), Hillary and James (tied for 136 ..awww) and myself (80th) just for a fuller full results (although I might have also missed other entrants)