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TOPL Rules updated

We’ve discussed some updates to the TOPL rules to document process and procedures for electing SLOs, removing SLOs, and filling vacancies.  The rules page has been updated already, and the relevant sections are shown below.  If you have any feedback, or want to discuss these rules further, please use the comments on this post, or contact me directly if you’d rather do so in private. 

1.2.           Elections

Elections are carried out by secret ballot online every two calendar years, and correspond with the nearest end of season playoffs. The current SLOs are responsible for appointing a Chief Returning Officer (CRO) to oversee the election. The CRO may not run for an elected position, but may be a current elected SLO should they decide not to run for another elected position or term. The CRO will notify all league members that an election is due at least three weeks before the playoffs of the season the election is happening in. Potential candidates for President, Scorekeeper, or Treasurer will need to make their intent to run for an elected position known no later than one week before the election date, after which voting will be open for a minimum of four days before the playoffs. Members may choose to proxy their votes to another eligible member if they so choose.

1.3.           Eligibility

Any member who has a valid percentage for either of the two seasons directly preceding the election may vote, and may choose to run for any of the elected positions. Members may not run for more than one position in the same election. There are no limits on the number of terms one member may serve in a position, either consecutively or non-consecutively.

1.4.           Removal of an SLO

If a situation arises where an SLO is found to be grossly incompetent, corrupt, or otherwise unfit to continue to perform their function, league membership may force their early removal. A petition signed by 50% of the current or prior season’s active members (i.e. members with valid percentages) presented to the other SLOs will trigger an immediate referendum on removal of the SLO. This will be carried out in the same manner as a regular election, albeit with one of the other SLOs acting as the CRO. The SLO will be removed from their position in the case of a vote in favour of removal by 2/3 of the eligible voters. Should this occur, the remaining SLOs will take over the removed SLO’s duties until a suitable replacement can be found via a byelection. Byelections proceed in the same manner as a regular election, with the exception that the CRO may choose to condense the timeframes in the interest of filling the vacancy more quickly.

If there is less than three months remaining in the current term, the remaining SLOs may choose to appoint a league member to fill a vacancy instead of holding a byelection, however every effort should be made to keep three SLOs active at all times.

If a situation arises where an SLO voluntarily resigns, then the provisions above for a byelection will apply.

Scores and standings-week 11

Thanks to Eddie for hosting everyone this week, and for keeping everyone well fed as usual.  We had one new member join this week, so welcome to Glenn.  Even this late in the season it’s not too late to join-remember that the $30 league fee also covers entry into the playoffs as long as you pay before week 15.  After that, it’s a $50 entry for the tournament. 

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New Tournament-PCS Pingolf open


Ontario Champion Trophy

The second annual Ontario Provincial Championship will be taking place in Newmarkey, Ontario on Feb 7th 2015!
In conjunction with this event will be a 9 Hole Pingolf tournament!
This is an objective based tournament which each ball that you play counting as a stroke.
The player with the lowest stroke count at the end of the tournament will win the PCS Pingolf tournament!
Even though this is running in Conjunction with the Ontario PCS, you do not need to be qualified in the PCS in order to attend.
The Pingolf tournament will be the first opportunity to get some WPPR points for the 2015/2016 Ontario PCS!
There will be no limit on how many times you attempt to play in the tournament, but only your lowest total score will count.
Each attempt will be $10
Prizes will be paid out as follows:
1 – 50% of Prize Pool
2 – 25% of Prize Pool
3 – 15% of Prize Pool
4 – 10% of Prize Pool
Machines and objectives are still TBD, but will be published ahead of time.
The event will start at noon on Feb 7th and end 1 hour after the completion of the Ontario PCS.

For more details contact Adam Becker, or check out the facebook page for the event.

Scores and standings-week 4

Thanks to Chris for having everyone out to his place this week!  The central location meant a big turnout, so almost all of his games were in league play.  It’s also not often that a new pinball machine gets released these days, so the first chance at a new machine is always interesting.  While the version of the Walking Dead that we played will probably bear little resemblance to what the “final” game turns out to be, it was still a fun machine with steep ramps and a pretty nasty prison magnet.  While we couldn’t put everyone’s league group on the game (since we would have been there until midnight), at least just about everyone had a chance to get a shot at it in free play, and I’m also sure that this won’t be the last time we’re at Frolic’s.

Also, welcome to Mike, who made it out to his first TOPL night this week.  Hope to see you out again!

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Scores and Standings-Week 1

Another TOPL season is underway! Thanks to Jim for hosting a great kickoff week, and for having everyone out to play his great collection of machines, with some games that we don’t have the opportunity to play anywhere else. Also a welcome to Sam, who made it out to his first league night, and a welcome back to Bob and Jeff, who are back after taking a couple of seasons off.

Playoff results-Oct 2014

First off, a big thanks to Kim for hosting everyone all day this past Sunday for the season playoffs.  We had a decent turnout with 22 players, and a good solid 6 hours of match play to qualify.  At the cutoff, the final standings were:

Rank Player Total Points
1 Zaharatos, John (15) 17
2 Kowal, Les (11) 16
3 Becker, Adam (1) 14
4 Bernard, Ciaran 14
5 Brdar, Barry (14) 13
6 Blaquiere, Charles (13) 12
7 Manolis, Zeus (40) 12
8 Flitton, John (2) 10
9 Josef, Adam (32) 10
10 Clegg (B), John (21) 9
11 Luciani, Mike (4) 9
12 Bernard, Andrew (22) 9
13 Frolic, Chris (5) 8
14 Newman, David (6) 8
15 Cameron, Myles (7) 8
16 Smith, David 8
17 Wilks (B), Jim (3) 7
18 Kyriakoulias , John (15) 7
19 Bardon, Chris (9) 7
20 Raymond, Stephane (25) 7
21 Darowski (B), Kim (10) 5
22 Brown, Simon (32) 4
Some surprises in the standings to be sure, but none as fun to watch as the 9 year old Ciaran, who managed to beat most of the top players though the day.


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ToPL Members make finals in A/B/C/Classics divisions at PAPA 17


The PAPA 17 World Pinball Championship was held this past weekend in Pittsburgh. Some of our ToPL members who were there went all the way to the finals of their division:

Adam Becker (A Division finals) – finished 21st, 66 Classics I, 94th Classics III.
Jack Tadman (B Division finals) – finished 10th, 64th Classics III.
Eddie D’Orazio (C Division finals) – finished 11th, 70th Classic I, 62nd Classics III.
John Flitton (Classics III) – Finished 17th, 26th A Division

Results for other ToPL Members (if any are missing please reply to this post and we’ll add them):

David Smith – 38th B Division, 64th Classics III
Les Kowal – 41st B Division, 47th Classics I, 9th Classics II, 98th Classics III
Stephane Raymond – 26th C Division, 69th Classics III
Pete Nicholls – 57th C Division, 24th Seniors, 75th Classics III
Simon Brown – 75th C Division, 73rd Classics III
Ann Nicholls – 128th C Division, 129th Classics III
Hilary Hawoth – 140th C Division, 128th Classics III
James DeVuono – 94th Classics II, 87th Classics III

Congratulations to everyone for making us proud!