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League management changes

Just a bit of business to take care of;

I am resigning from the position of president of the Toronto Pinball League at the end of the current season. I’m announcing it now so that the league can decide how they want to fill that position.

The terms for treasurer and scorekeeper go on until 2016, so they can organize the process. Alternatively, the position could be left vacant till the 2016 elections or if less than 2 candidates step forward, a new president can be named.

I’ll ensure a smooth transition, passing ownership of the and domains. The website is currently hosted on my server, but I will grant ftp access to pull and transfer the site to a new server under league control.

I’ll continue as a member, paying my league fees and continue playing pinball.

Thanks for the opportunity of being part of the league and I look forward to what the future brings.


Alive and flipping: Resurgence in pinball machines has players and collectors around the world on tilt


By: David Sanderson


Better than shady land deals and contentious severance packages: When the city council in Oakland, Calif., convened last summer, one of the items on the agenda was a proposal to repeal a bylaw that forbade residents of that burg from playing pinball.

Oakland’s ban, which council members voted unanimously to lift, dated back to the Dirty Thirties — an era when pinball was viewed in many circles as a form of gambling.

“Pinball was illegal in lots of places for years,” says Rick Exner, a Winnipegger who manages an online forum (, which caters to pinball aficionados in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. “Pinball wasn’t allowed in New York (City) until 1976, I believe, and Chicago, too, even though that’s where most of the machines were being built.”

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PBS: Flipping Out Over Pinball

Thanks to a group of dedicated and passionate pinball players here in Northeast Ohio, folks are starting to flip out again over Pinball at places like the Superelectric Pinball Parlor on West 78th Street, Kid-force Collectibles in Berea, and The Happy Dog in Gordon Square.


Brian Hill, Cleveland Pinball League
Sean Watterson, Happy Dog bar owner
Ben Haehn, Superelectric Pinball Parlor
Don Johnson, Kidforce Pinball League
Michelle McCleester, tournament player & collector
John Delzoppo, tournament player & collector

New Season starts Nov 3rd

First week of the next 15 week season starts Monday November 3rd.

All members please bring $40 ($30 season fee + $10 host fee) and see Luch when you get there.

Drop-in players bring $20 ($10 league fee + $10 host fee).

New players who need directions please Contact Us and let us know you would like to come and we will forward you the directions.


ToPL Fun Night 10/20/2014 Results

We had an off-season Fun Night at Luch’s. We tried a different format than normal, players had their scores ranked against all players, not just their group. Because of the small number of players, we also doubled up on games and played 8 games for the session. We also welcomed back Shaun to his first ToPL related night in some time and hope he can join us more next season. Congrats to Shaun for coming back and coming out in first.

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ToPL Members make finals in A/B/C/Classics divisions at PAPA 17


The PAPA 17 World Pinball Championship was held this past weekend in Pittsburgh. Some of our ToPL members who were there went all the way to the finals of their division:

Adam Becker (A Division finals) – finished 21st, 66 Classics I, 94th Classics III.
Jack Tadman (B Division finals) – finished 10th, 64th Classics III.
Eddie D’Orazio (C Division finals) – finished 11th, 70th Classic I, 62nd Classics III.
John Flitton (Classics III) – Finished 17th, 26th A Division

Results for other ToPL Members (if any are missing please reply to this post and we’ll add them):

David Smith – 38th B Division, 64th Classics III
Les Kowal – 41st B Division, 47th Classics I, 9th Classics II, 98th Classics III
Stephane Raymond – 26th C Division, 69th Classics III
Pete Nicholls – 57th C Division, 24th Seniors, 75th Classics III
Simon Brown – 75th C Division, 73rd Classics III
Ann Nicholls – 128th C Division, 129th Classics III
Hilary Hawoth – 140th C Division, 128th Classics III
James DeVuono – 94th Classics II, 87th Classics III

Congratulations to everyone for making us proud!