ToPL Fun Night 10/20/2014 Results

We had an off-season Fun Night at Luch’s. We tried a different format than normal, players had their scores ranked against all players, not just their group. Because of the small number of players, we also doubled up on games and played 8 games for the session. We also welcomed back Shaun to his first ToPL related night in some time and hope he can join us more next season. Congrats to Shaun for coming back and coming out in first.

We split into groups of 2, and so players did not know how their scores were holding up until the end when everything was calculated.

It was very casual play, looking at these scores you would swear we were playing 1-ball games or 1-handed!


Overall a fun time out, something different, and we’ll do it again during future off-season weeks.

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