Season 2 2017-scores for week 12

Thanks to Adam for hosting this week, especially right after Pinburgh!  Congratulations to all the TOPL folks who make the trek down to Pittsburgh for Replay FX and the big tournament.  Sounds like everyone had a blast, and a lot of you did really well with a tough set of competitors.  Registration for next year should be open in December, and will likely fill up fast, so watch the calendar for details on when that opens up. 

Scores are up on the PAPA site and it looks like Adam has gotten to the point of being unreachable (again) for the season total.  Luch is also holding onto about a percentage point lead over John Clegg in the most improved category, so we’ll see how that turns out after the final week of the season. 

Next week, we’re off for the long weekend, and then we’re back to my place in 2 weeks.  Also, a reminder that the playoffs are on Aug 20 at Kim’s, then the CNEPC is the weekend after that, and the next TOPL season starts on Monday August 28.  It’s shaping up to be a great month for pinball in Toronto!  Enjoy the long weekend, and see everyone in 2 weeks to wrap up the regular season.

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