Season 1 2017-Scores for week 9

A big thanks to Jim for not only hosting this week, but taking care of the scores/groups as well.  The impending snowstorm (which didn’t actually end up being that bad) kept most of us at home, but there were still 15 players who made it out this week, which still counts!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and for those that missed this week-this is why we drop the three lowest scores. 

This season is actually the closest we’ve had in a while, with John and Brian tied for the lead, and Steve, Adam, and Josh all within 4 points of John.  No real movement on the most improved standings this week, with Charles and Josh still in the lead. 

Next week we’re out at Chris’ place in Mississauga, and hopefully we get another snowmelt before then.  Have a great week!

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