Scores-week 13

Thanks to Kim for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and it’s still not quite a walk off for the season champ total, but it’s also going to be a challenge for anyone to catch Adam at this point.  Ian and Barry are continuing to lead the most improved category. 

Just a reminder that we’re taking next week off for Easter Monday, but that is is going to be the last year we take a break for Easter Monday and PAPA (details are here).  We kept those skip weeks in this season, as well as the 15 weeks of play, because people may have already made plans that depend on these skip weeks, and also because it made the season finish up at the end of April.  This way, we should still be able to get three seasons in a year (14 weeks starting this summer), and they should each fit into a 4 month chunk of calendar. 

We’re back at Luch’s in 2 weeks-see everyone then!

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