Scores for week 14

Scores are up on the PAPA site for the penultimate week of the season, and the season champ award is Adam’s yet again.  The high score trophy will also go to Adam for the last time, before it’s repurposed into a new award for the season champ under the new handicapping system that we’re rolling out next season.  Most improved could come down to the last week of the season though, with Julian and Ian both extremely close to each other in the standings. 

We’re taking next Monday off for the PAPA world championships, and there will probably be several TOPL members competing in all divisions.  Leave a comment on the post and let us know if you’re competing so we can track the standings this weekend.  Immediately following that, Adam is competing at the IFPA world championship at the PAPA facility.  Good luck to everyone competing!  Also a reminder that this is the last year we’re taking a break from regular pinball specifically for PAPA.  We left the skip week in this time to get things on track for playoffs at the end of April, and a new season starting May 2, so enjoy the time off, and this should give everyone plenty of time to plan for next year.  The last regular season week will be on April 18 at Andrew’s place, followed by playoffs on April 24th at Pete’s place. 

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