Playoff results-March 2015

Thanks again to Adam and Denise for hosting everyone for the playoffs at their place this past weekend, and for keeping the food coming through the day.  It was a hard fought tournament with 20 rounds of match play, so everyone had a great day of pinball on a wide variety of really tough games.  The earlier start and time change didn’t seem to deter anyone, and we didn’t have any late arrivals who missed out on changing their clocks, so the 21 players who showed up were there for all 20 rounds.  At the end of qualifying, here’s how things stood:


This meant we had a single game tiebreaker round for 4th place, with Andrew beating out Chris and Brent for a spot in the finals.  We also had to resolve a tiebreaker for 7th place between Andrew B, Adam J, and Pete, which ended up with Chris, Brent, Andrew, and Adam playing for 5-8 place.

To decide the final top 8 standings, we had 2 separate 4 game rounds.  The final results (and payouts) for the top 8 players were:

  1. John Flitton-$280
  2. Adam Becker-$170
  3. Andrew Aiken-$145
  4. Dave Smith-$115
  5. Brent Cameron-$100
  6. Chris Bardon-$70
  7. Adam Josef-$45
  8. Andrew Bernard-$25

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who came out and supported the league this season!  We’re off next week for the PAPA world championships, so be sure to check out the streams and results this weekend, and we’ll see everyone at Luch’s on the 23rd for the start of the next season!

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