Playoff results Dec 2017

Thanks to Adam for hosting everyone all day today for a great tournament, and a special thanks to Player One Amusements for the loan of the Guardians of the Galaxy machine!  We had a decent turnout for playoffs considering that it was the last full weekend before Christmas stuff starts in full gear.  After 16 match play rounds, and a four game final, here’s the final standings:


Congratulations to Adam for winning the tournament, although Dave Smith did take it to the final game. 

Also, congratulations to Myles who won the machine giveaway for the year!  Myles will be taking home the recently restored Hot Hand that we purchased as a prize:


This was the last official TOPL event for 2017, and we’ll be taking a break until January.  Have a merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and if you have time off over the next few weeks, enjoy that too.  We’re starting into the new season on January 8 at Eddie’s place.  If you’ve got friends who are interested in coming out, it’s a great time to start, since we’ll have loads of space, lots of games, and the first week of a brand new season!

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