Playoff Results-August 2017

With the end of a TOPL season comes another TOPL playoff tournament, even though there was a little chaos around the date this season.  Since we moved out of the way of the CNEPC tournament happening at the Ex next weekend, we ended up on the same weekend as the Buffalo Open, which was on the PAPA circuit, so some players had to choose where to go.  Luckily, we still had 23 players for the finals, including some friends from the K/W area, and had a great day of pinball at Kim’s place.  A big thank you to Kim for hosting, and for making sure everyone was well fed all day! 

Once we finished the first 7 match play rounds, we gave the players below the cut line the option of whether we ran a B division or not.  Since we didn’t end up with the required minimum number of players, we kept to one division, and paid out the top 8 spots there.  The final results were:

1    Ken Lapointe
2    John Flitton
3    Charles Blaquiere
4    Adam Hollander
5    Kirk Hutton
6    Dave Smith
7    Les Kowal
8    Andy McNab
9    Andrew Aiken
10    John Clegg
11    Josh Zilberberg
12    Larry Perreria
13    Chris Bardon
14    Mark Foy
15    Mike Luciani
16    Chris Draper
17    Ryan Matheson
18    David Newman
19    Myles Cameron
20    Karl Braun
21    Kim Darowski
22    Henrik Andersen
23    Brianne Darowski

Congrats to all the winners!  Here’s Ken, Charles, and Adam with their prizes (not pictured, John Flitton):


As usual, we’re off tomorrow because of today’s playoffs, but the next season starts up a week later at Nick’s place.  See everyone there for a brand new TOPL season!

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