TOPL Logo Variant – 20th Anniversary

2016 Marks the 20th anniversary of TOPL and to mark the occasion we would like to get new shirts made up with a variant of our logo to help commemorate the occasion!

The problem is the TOPL leadership team has nary an artist bone in our combined bodies.

So we are reaching out to the membership to see if an artist among us would help us come up with a variant on the TOPL logo to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of TOPL!

Compensation wise we don’t have allot in the way of budget (as you can tell from our ledger)  to put toward actual costs that are associated with this type of work, but that being said we are willing to offer up Free league fees for X (X to be worked out with whoever wants to take on this task) number of seasons in order to attempt to compensate you for your work.

If you want to help the league out and take on this task you can email me directly at or just talk to me in person at league.

Thanks for the consideration

Chris, Mike and Adam

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