TOPL Elections

It’s been 2 years since the initial implementation of the new leadership structure, so that means it is time to open up the discussion on elections for the Leadership team of the Toronto Pinball League.

For those that are new the league has 3 positions of leadership.

Treasurer – Currently held by Mike Luciani
Score Keeper – Currently held by Chris Bardon
President – Currently held by Adam Becker

Every 2 years we give members within the league an opportunity to step up and say they would like to volunteer their time to help make the league better for everyone.

With that being said all 3 incumbents would like to continue to volunteer their time for the league.

But if anyone would like to step up and volunteer their time for any of these positions that would trigger an election.

The details of how an election would work can be found in our rules located here:

In order to be considered the person would need to submit their application via the Yahoo Group, Facebook or replaying to the post on the webpage stating which position they would like to volunteer for. This open nomination will be available until Dec 21st at 12pm EST.

The existing leadership team is happy to continue to move TOPL forward and volunteer their time but in our continuing effort to make leadership activities more transparent this is a necessary step in that process.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your TOPL Leadership team
Chris, Mike and Adam

2 thoughts on “TOPL Elections”

  1. The current leadership is doing a fine job indeed.

    New and improved scoring reports, mystery score prize awards, pinball machine give away, good communication ( e.g. poll for new season schedules)…

    Here’s to two more years of the same.

    – Barry

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