TOPL B Division FAQ

With playoffs only a couple weeks away I wanted to take a moment and clarify how the division structure works for playoffs.  We have had allot of new people join the league in recent years and information on the B division of the TOPL playoffs hasn’t really been made clear recently.

It’s all written down in our official rules:

But I know it’s a LONG read so I figured I would offer up an FAQ on the B division so people can make a more informed decision this playoffs on which Division they would like to play in.


What is the B Division?

The B division is a separate division we offer to members during the playoffs to give lesser skilled and more casual players an opportunity to compete amongst themselves for cash/prizes.


Who is eligible to play in the B Division?

Everyone that has a valid percentage is eligible for the B division assuming that they have not won cash in the A division in the last 3 years and they have not won the B division at the previous playoffs.   Anyone who does not have a valid percentage is automatically slotted into the A division.


Doesn’t the A Division get more money?

Not specifically, at the end of the year we tally up all the fees that have been taken in.  We then subtract out league expenses (Web hosting costs, giveaway expenses, food for playoffs, etc) and that gives us a final value.  We then divide that value by the number of players we have had in the current season.  That gives us a “player value”.  That player value follows you to your division.

So if there are more people in B division then there are in A the B division will have the larger prize pool


So what’s the difference between A and B then?

The only difference is who is eligible to play in the B division and WPPR points.  Everyone that plays in the A division will be ranked higher than anyone who plays in B.  So while everyone will get some WPPR points to contribute to their Provincial Championship eligibility:

The last place person in A will be ranked higher than the first place person in B.  So if you care about trying to make the Ontario PCS or your ranking in general A division would be where you want to play, otherwise feel free to play B.


So this all sounds great, how do I play in the B division?

At the start of the playoffs on the 29th one of the SLO’s will come around and ask every eligible person which division they would like to play, A or B.  The player then makes the choice for themselves and assuming we have 6 people or more a B division will be run.  The playoffs still play exactly the same, but in the Standings for the match play a player in B division will be marked with a B and will be ranked separately from the other players.


I don’t want to play in B, I want to play in A what will that do to the prizes in A?

Nothing really, the only difference might be the number of positions we are able to pay out in the A division.  The previous few years we have been able to pay out down to 8 spots.  If we ran a B division those extra spots of payout in A would then go to the B players.


Hopefully the above makes things more clear on what the B division at playoffs is, how it works, and who is eligible to play.  But if you have any other questions, feel free to speak to Adam, Chris or Luch at the next league night or respond here.



Your TOPL Leadership Team

Adam, Chris, Luch

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