New Sponsors

Want to take a moment and recognize some new sponsors to the league!

First Kim Darwoski, Kim donated a Tshirt to the league that was misplaced but $30 has been provided to make up the cost of the misplaced shirt. Once the run of white shirts has been sold out, we have plans to do another run of color TOPL shirts and at that time we will purchase a shirt with Kim’s donation to giveaway as part of our Mystery Score Giveaway! So thanks very much for that Kim.

Next Myles Cameron has graciously donated 10 sets of headphones to the league! We will be giving these away 2 sets per week for the next 5 weeks again via Mystery score. Thanks very much to Myles for the donation!

Finally Mike Luciani has donated another $100 to the league again to increase the food available at the league Playoffs!

Thanks to each and every one of our sponsors! Your support is very much appreciated.

If you have something you would like to donate to the league, please let myself, Luch or Chris know and we will work with you to see it best benefit everyone in the league!

Chris, Mike and Adam
Your TOPL Leadership Team

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