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Season 2 2017-Scores for week 3

Thanks to Eddie for hosting this week!  It looks like the season is already off to a strong start with 45 players so far, and that’s only 3 weeks in.  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and while it’s still early, Myles is leading the handicapped race.  A couple more weeks and we’ll start tracking Most Improved as well.

There have also been a couple of updates to the calendar, so if you haven’t re-synced, you might want to make sure you’re up to date.  The TOPL website, Facebook, and Yahoo have all been updated with the correct hosts for the rest of the season.  We’re skipping next week for Victoria Day, and then playing at Bluffs on the 29th.  Walt warned us that it can get really hot there in the summer, so getting in before it gets too humid is probably a good plan.  Thanks again to all the hosts, and I’m looking forward to a great season!  Have a good long weekend everyone, and I’ll see you on the 29th.

Season 1 2017-Playoff results

Thanks to Luch for hosting playoffs this season, and also for supplying all the food and drinks for the day!  We had 34 players out for a solid day of pinball.  The new format of splitting A/B divisions seems to have worked well over the past few seasons, and we’re continuing to refine how we’re doing things.  This time it ended up being a reasonably clean split between A and B divisions, giving us 15 B players, and 19 in A.  After 17 rounds of qualifying (10 for B post-split), here’s how things stood:





After the usual 1 game tiebreakers, we had 4 game playoffs to determine the final top 8, to give out cash prizes.  The top 8 in B were:

1.    John Zaharatos
2.    Ryan Matheson
3.    John Clegg
4.    Adam Hollander
5.    Chris Frolic
6.    Jim Wilks
7.    David Newman
8.    Karl Braun

And for the A division:

1.    Adam Becker
2.    Steve Machado
3.    Robert Luciani
4.    John Flitton
5.    Kirk Hutton
6.    Ken Lapointe
7.    Chris Draper
8.    Chris Bardon

Congratulations to all the winners-results should be posted to the IFPA shortly.

As usual, there’s no pinball tomorrow, but we’re starting up again May 1st at Kim’s place.  Dates for most of the season have been posted already, and the last few weeks should be filled in shortly, so this is a perfect time to bring new people out to join TOPL.  Have a great week off, and hopefully we’ll see everyone back for next season!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 14

Thanks to Andy and Chris for hosting this week to close out the season!  The full results are up here, and after 14 weeks Adam has won the season pulling ahead of John 149 to 144.  Under the handicap system, Anthony pulled into the lead with 155 points, which earns him a replay into next season, and the Pinball Wizard trophy.  Josh was able to pull ahead in percentage though to clinch most improved, so he also wins a replay.  Congratulations to all of our winners! 

This weekend is playoffs at Luch’s, and we’ll be starting match play at 11:00.  Food is included, and anyone who has paid for the season has their entry fee covered.  For guests, it’s a $50 entry fee at the door, and the $15 host fee applies for everyone.  Format-wise, we’ll be doing the same as last season, where we have 17 match play rounds.  For the first 7 rounds, everyone plays everyone else.  After 7 rounds, we split into A and B divisions, and the B players get their records reset.  To keep things simple, the only point where we’ll allow people choice of division is in the case of ties.  Then there are 10 more rounds, followed by a 4 game playoff.  I’m looking forward to a great day of pinball-see everyone there!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 13

Thanks to Eddie for hosting us this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and John is within 4 points of Adam for the season championship.  Anthony has also managed to pull ahead of Josh for Most Improved and for the handicap race.

Also, congratulations to everyone who went to compete at PAPA this past weekend!  It’s a little bittersweet given the announcement that the PAPA facility as it stands will be closing, but the Replay foundation is still going strong.  It’s certainly a good time for competitive pinball though, with 13 year old Escher Lefkoff winning the A division.  Closer to home, friend of the league Julie Dorssers won the Women’s division, so congrats to Julie, and hopefully we’ll see you at another TOPL event soon!

Also, a reminder that Playoffs are coming up at Luch’s place on April 23rd.  Doors open at 10:30, and match play starts at 11.  Plan is for 16 match play rounds followed by a 4 game final.  The tournament is open to anyone who wants to play, not just paid league members.

Next week we finish off the season at a new location, and get to play the combined collection of Andy and Chris D.  Have a great week everyone, and see everyone Monday night!

Season 1 2017-scores for week 12

Thanks to Adam for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and Adam has managed to widen his lead for the season total.  Josh continues to hang on to Most Improved though! 

Next week we’re back to Eddie’s place.  Also, just a reminder that playoffs are happening on Sunday April 23 at Luch’s place, starting at 11 AM.  Have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 11

Thanks to Scott and Walt at Bluffs for hosting us this week!  Scores are up in the usual place, and surprising absolutely nobody, Adam has pulled into the lead for the season.  John, Brian, Steve, and Josh are all still close though, so it’s not a done deal yet.  Mike Cuzzupe has also pulled ahead of Josh in the handicap total, but Josh is still hanging on to most improved. 

Next week, we’re playing at Adam’s place-have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 10

Thanks to everyone who made it out to my place this week, and also to those that bought Girl Guide cookies from my daughter.  It wasn’t intentional scheduling, but things worked out so that they got delivered this past weekend, and she thought it’d be a good chance to make a few sales.  The whole setup was her idea and doing. 

Scores are up on the PAPA site, and the top 5 positions are still only separated by 3 points.  Josh is still leading the handicap race and most improved. 

Next week we’re out at Bluffs pinball-have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 9

A big thanks to Jim for not only hosting this week, but taking care of the scores/groups as well.  The impending snowstorm (which didn’t actually end up being that bad) kept most of us at home, but there were still 15 players who made it out this week, which still counts!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and for those that missed this week-this is why we drop the three lowest scores. 

This season is actually the closest we’ve had in a while, with John and Brian tied for the lead, and Steve, Adam, and Josh all within 4 points of John.  No real movement on the most improved standings this week, with Charles and Josh still in the lead. 

Next week we’re out at Chris’ place in Mississauga, and hopefully we get another snowmelt before then.  Have a great week!

Season 1 2017-scores for week 8

Thanks to Andrew for hosting this week!  We tried something a little different this week, since we had even groups for the first time in a while, and let groups pick their own games instead of drawing them at the start.  It seemed to work out OK, but I’d be interested in any feedback you might have on it.  It’s not something we can do every week (since we need a median for 3 player groups), but we can look at doing this more often in the future if we have the flexibility. 

Scores are up on the PAPA site, and John is still in the season points lead.  Newman is now ahead of Josh in the Handicap race, and Charles is now in the Most Improved top position. 

Next week we’re out to Jim’s place-have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 7

Thanks to Josh for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and John is maintaining his lead in the season point totals.  Josh and Henrik are now tied when the handicap system is considered, and not surprisingly, both of them are doing well in the most improved race as well. 

We’re back out in the same neighbourhood next week at Andrew’s place for week 8-have a great week everyone!