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Scores and Standings-Week 1

Another TOPL season is underway! Thanks to Jim for hosting a great kickoff week, and for having everyone out to play his great collection of machines, with some games that we don’t have the opportunity to play anywhere else. Also a welcome to Sam, who made it out to his first league night, and a welcome back to Bob and Jeff, who are back after taking a couple of seasons off.

Playoff results-Oct 2014

First off, a big thanks to Kim for hosting everyone all day this past Sunday for the season playoffs.  We had a decent turnout with 22 players, and a good solid 6 hours of match play to qualify.  At the cutoff, the final standings were:

Rank Player Total Points
1 Zaharatos, John (15) 17
2 Kowal, Les (11) 16
3 Becker, Adam (1) 14
4 Bernard, Ciaran 14
5 Brdar, Barry (14) 13
6 Blaquiere, Charles (13) 12
7 Manolis, Zeus (40) 12
8 Flitton, John (2) 10
9 Josef, Adam (32) 10
10 Clegg (B), John (21) 9
11 Luciani, Mike (4) 9
12 Bernard, Andrew (22) 9
13 Frolic, Chris (5) 8
14 Newman, David (6) 8
15 Cameron, Myles (7) 8
16 Smith, David 8
17 Wilks (B), Jim (3) 7
18 Kyriakoulias , John (15) 7
19 Bardon, Chris (9) 7
20 Raymond, Stephane (25) 7
21 Darowski (B), Kim (10) 5
22 Brown, Simon (32) 4
Some surprises in the standings to be sure, but none as fun to watch as the 9 year old Ciaran, who managed to beat most of the top players though the day.


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Scores and Standings-Week 15

Another regular season is in the books!  Thanks to everyone who came out this week, even though some of the outcomes were already set.  Remember that there’s still order selection advantage at the playoffs for higher ranked players though, and as of next season, there are WPPR points up for grabs in the regular season, so all the more reason to come out more often.
Also wanted to say welcome to Patrick, who was in town from Sweden, and trying to settle a bet to “win a tournament in Canada within 10 years”.  He did manage to come first in his group, which might count, but the Walking dead launch this Friday might prove to be the more definitive win.

Scores and Standings-Week 14

Thanks to Nick for having everyone out to his place this week for pinball and 3d projector demos, and another special thanks to Kev for bringing the Samosas again!  I can’t remember the last time we only had 4 groups playing, but with only 16 people, it meant that everyone played the same 4 machines, just like the TOPL of old.  Also, welcome to Ross (Russ’ friend) who made it out for his first league night this week.  Hope to see you again when you can make it!

Scores and Standings-Week 11

This week we had the debut of a new location for TOPL, which is something that doesn’t come around very often.  A big thanks to Chris Frolic for opening up his brand new arcade to everyone, and for keeping everyone well fed.  Other than one minor malfunction early on, all the games held up to the sustained play of the evening, and everyone had a great time.  Hopefully the first of many league nights at Frolic’s arcade!
The 416 location also brought out some new members to their first league night, so welcome to Ryan and Adam.  Hopefully you can continue to make it to TOPL events-the machines are certainly more plentiful and in better repair than most of the ones you’ll find out in the wild.

Scores and Standings-Week 9

Thanks to Adam and Denise for having everyone over again this week and keeping everyone fed for the evening.  A great collection of games, with a lot of unique titles we don’t see anywhere else.  This week also saw the return of some of the original TOPL members, with Tom and Jennifer dropping by while they were in town.  Glad you guys could make it out last night!  This was also the last league night before the PAPA world championships, so good luck to those that are heading down to compete!  There should be a good sized contingent of TOPL members playing, and live results will be up on through the weekend.  Good luck to the crew making the trip-throw a comment up on to let us know if you’re heading down so we know who to look for in the standings!

Scores and Standings-Week 8

Thanks to everyone who made it out this week, and to Jim for having us all out to his home to play his extensive collection of games.  It seems like we’ve had new people almost every week this season, which is great to see.  This was Jason’s first time out, and Myles brought Michelle for her first league night.  Welcome to both of you, and hopefully this isn’t the last time we see you out to a TOPL event.