Scores and standings-week 4

Thanks to Nick for hosting this week, and another special thanks to Kev for bringing those awesome samosas again.  Scores are up at the PAPA site.  Still one more week until we can start tracking most improved stats, but Adam and John are starting to pull into the lead for total points, and Adam is still in the lead for high scores.  We’re playing at Adam’s next Monday, so everyone will have a chance to check out the start of the excavation for the new building (follow the progress on 

Also, I wanted to give a shout out to the folks who are running City Pinball, a new downtown Toronto league that’s just starting up.  Their first night is Sept 9 at Junction City Music Hall (2907 Dundas St. W.), so if you’re looking to get in even more pinball every week, check them out on Facebook. 

Scores for week 3, plus mystery score winner

Thanks to Andrew for hosting a big crowd this week-we were back up to 35 people this Monday, with Kevin C making it out for his first TOPL night.  Welcome to the league Kevin!  Adam is still in the lead for season points, as you can see on the standings, but there are only 10 points separating 1st and 10th places at this point, so it’s still anyone’s season to win.  This week we also had out Mystery Score giveaway, sponsored by Seedees Images.  This is where we have a sealed envelope score (5 or 6 random digits) and compare it to everyone’s scores on all their league games.  We take the last digits of all the scores, and whoever comes closest to the mystery score wins.  This week’s score turned out to be:


And Mike Luciani was the lucky winner of a great piece of gameroom artwork:


Congratulations Luch, and thanks again to Cryss for the prize donation.

Scores and standings week 2

Thanks to Luch for hosting everyone this week after a two week break for the long weekend and ReplayFX.  We had at least 14 TOPL players in the Pinburgh tournament-Steve Machado won the D division, and Adam and John both qualified in A, so congratulations to all of them!  This week’s scores are up on the PAPA site.  With only 2 weeks into the season, things are still really close, with Adam only having a one point lead on Mike Capocci for the season lead.  Also, welcome to James Watson, who made it out to his first league night last night. 

Next week we’re at Andrew’s place, where we’ll also be having another Mystery Score giveaway for the art print that was donated by seedees images.  We compare the last digits of your score to what’s in the sealed envelope, and whoever is closes will win the print-everyone who shows up to Andrew’s has a chance to win.  Have a great week!

New Sponsor! – SeeDeeS Images

Would like to take moment today and announce the newest sponsor of TOPL!

SeeDeeS Images is a Pittsburgh based photography and imaging studio run by the talented Cryss Stephens. Along with being a top tier player Cryss also runs a great studio making some really amazing pinball related artwork.

Cryss was generous enough to donate this print to the league. It’s actually printed on metal and mounted on wood for hanging.


This will be given away on the Aug 17th League night at Andrew’s place via our Mystery score Giveaway!

Thanks very much for the donation Cryss, I’m sure someone in the league will be very happy come Aug 17th!

Please make sure to check out Cryss’s site and drop him a line to say thank you for the sponsorship, also if any of his works intrigues you tell him you’re from TOPL and I’m sure he will work out a deal for you