TOPL Playoffs

The TOPL Playoffs are held at the end of every 15 weeks season of TOPL.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the Playoffs.  You do not need to be a paid member of ever have attend a TOPL league night before in order to participate in the TOPL Playoffs.

To find out exactly where and when the playoffs will be check the How to join TOPL page to get details on the location or Contact Us directly to get the details.

The TOPL Playoffs are a match play format using the software.  Players play against a randomly assigned opponent on a randomly assigned machine.  the player that wins that match receives a point, the player that loses does not.

At the end of 16 rounds the top 4 players play in a 5 game Pinburgh style final.

All cash taken in throughout the season is used for prizes during the TOPL playoffs.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us

One thought on “TOPL Playoffs”

  1. Repost of the new Topl Playoffs format for August 2016 playoffs sent out to league members by email.

    Hi everyone, with playoffs coming up on Sunday, we’ve decided to try out something a little different based on feedback on the past few seasons. Instead of 20 rounds, we’re dropping to 15 match play rounds to shorten the day a little. We’re also trying out a change to the B division, basing it on how the Pinburgh tournament works. Here’s the overview:

    -Rounds 1-7, everyone plays everyone, same as usual. First round is random, subsequent rounds are swiss (aiming to pair players with similar W/L records).
    -After round 7, we split into A and B divisions. A continues with the same record, B starts with a clean slate.
    -For round 8-15, A players play A players, and B play B. Machine conflicts (duplicate draws for the same round) will be sorted out by Adam and Chris.
    -Top 4 in each division have a 6 game playoff.
    -Once we determine the prize pool, it’s a 60/40 split of the total pot between A and B

    For division qualifications:
    -All existing restrictions for B are still in place. Players need a valid percentage, and to have not placed in A in the required number of seasons.
    -If a player who could qualify for B places in the top 50% after 7 rounds, they play in A
    -If a player restricted to A is in the bottom 50% after 7 rounds, they continue to play in A
    -If there are fewer than 6 players who would end up in a B division after round 7, there is no split

    And finally, for playoffs:
    -Machines will be separated into 3 “era” lists: Early, Mid, Late (roughly EM,SS,DMD, but things might move based on availability).
    -Playoffs are on 6 games, with 2 from each list.
    -Head to head play with 3,2,1,0 points for 1st, 2nd.3rd.4th
    -The high seed going into the first game has choice of machine or order, following down the seed list. After game 1, the player who came last has choice.
    -Machines can only be selected once for a playoff round. This means that if 2 “late” games have been chosen, future games have to be from the other game lists.

    The idea with the change is to make the “A or B” choice automatic based on performance, and to remove the pressure for players to choose at the start of the tournament. It also means that after the division split, it’s less likely that one player will pull ahead in B, so every round matters. Finally, the prize pool in B should increase with this split, since it’s based on the total available pool, and not just the players who opted for B in the beginning.

    Hopefully this will mean a better playoff experience for everyone!

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