Season 1 2017-scores for week 8

Thanks to Andrew for hosting this week!  We tried something a little different this week, since we had even groups for the first time in a while, and let groups pick their own games instead of drawing them at the start.  It seemed to work out OK, but I’d be interested in any feedback you might have on it.  It’s not something we can do every week (since we need a median for 3 player groups), but we can look at doing this more often in the future if we have the flexibility. 

Scores are up on the PAPA site, and John is still in the season points lead.  Newman is now ahead of Josh in the Handicap race, and Charles is now in the Most Improved top position. 

Next week we’re out to Jim’s place-have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 7

Thanks to Josh for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and John is maintaining his lead in the season point totals.  Josh and Henrik are now tied when the handicap system is considered, and not surprisingly, both of them are doing well in the most improved race as well. 

We’re back out in the same neighbourhood next week at Andrew’s place for week 8-have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 6

Thanks to Kim for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site now, and the top 7 players are all within 4 points of each other.  Josh continues to lead the Most Improved race, as well as the Handicap total. 

Speaking of Josh, he’s hosting in 2 weeks, since we’re taking next week off for the Family Day long weekend.  See everyone in 2 weeks!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 5

Thanks to Adam for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and we can now start tracking most improved for the season.  Josh is out to an early lead this time around, while also tied for the season lead with John, and leading the handicap race.  We’ll see if he can keep the pace up for another 9 weeks. 

Next week we’re out to Kim’s place-hope to see everyone there!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 4

Thanks to Luch for hosting this week!  Scores are up in the usual place, although keep in mind that with dropping the lowest 3 scores, the overall results are a little skewed at this point, since 4 weeks in, only your best score shows up in that column.  One more week and we can also start tracking Most Improved for the season. 

Next week we’re playing at Adam’s place-have a great week everyone!

Season 1 2017-Scores for week 3

Thanks to the whole crew at Tilt for hosting us this week!  It’s not often that we get a new public location in the area, but this one worked out really well from all accounts.  There was also a decent crowd of non-TOPL folks in the bar last night, which hopefully bodes well for its success.  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and Jack is now in the lead for the season, breaking Charles’ 2 week hold on the top spot. 

Also, just a reminder to everyone that we’re planning on running our machine giveaway again this year.  The plan is simple-for every week you come out, you get an entry into the draw, and at the end of the year, we give away a game to the winner.  Everyone except Adam has a chance of winning, and all you have to do to enter is come out to league nights that you were probably going to come to anyway, because pinball.  We’re still on the hunt for a suitable game, but the plan is to do the draw at the final playoffs of the year, like we have for the past 2 years now.

Next Monday we’re playing at Luch’s place-have a great week everyone!

Winter 2017-Scores for week 1

After a couple of weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s, TOPL is back for another season.  Thanks to Nick for hosting this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and one week in Charles is winning the season. 

Dates for most of the rest of the season should be on the website, Facebook, and Yahoo (through week 11), and the last few weeks should be filled in soon if you want to really plan ahead.  We’re at Eddie’s new location next week-hope to see everyone there!

2016 pinball machine giveaway

Remember how we said we were going to give away a pinball machine at the end of 2016?  Well, the drawing was this weekend at playoffs, and the winner was Andy McNab:


Congratulations to Andy-enjoy your new game! 

We’re already planning what to do for next year’s draw.  Remember that all you need to do to enter is to come out to league nights-every event gets you a draw into the end of the year prize pool. 

Special thanks to Adam for finding the game and fixing it up to working condition.

Playoff results-fall 2016

Another season of TOPL is complete!  First off, thanks to Jim for hosting this past weekend.  We ended up with 37 players for the tournament, including a few out of town guests, and a few people that hadn’t been out to any TOPL events before.  Everyone had a good time, and we managed to have some good competition through the day. 

We used the first 7 rounds as a basis for splitting into A and B divisions, and then reset the B players to their own tournament, while the A players kept their standings.  After 10 more rounds, here’s how things looked in A:


And after 10 rounds in B we had:


After a few tiebreakers, we had a 4 game playoff for 1-4 and 5-8 in each division.  The final results for A division were:

  1. Adam Becker
  2. John Flitton
  3. Jack Tadman
  4. Stephane Raymond
  5. Barry Brdar
  6. Jeff Teolis
  7. John Zaharatos
  8. Kirk Hutton

And in B:

  1. Chris Bardon
  2. Julie Dorssers
  3. Albert Agar
  4. Jeff Avramenko
  5. Robert Luciani
  6. Sebastian Krupka
  7. David Newman
  8. Jim Wilks

Congratulations to all the winners!  Final results should be on IFPA soon.  This also wraps up the TOPL events for 2016, and we’re off until the new season starts Jan 9.  It promises to be another good year for pinball, with new games coming out, and new locations coming into the hosting rotation.  Have a great off-season, and see everyone in 2017!

Fall 2016-scores for week 14

Thanks to Andrew for hosting the last league night of the season!  Final scores are up here.  Surprising nobody, Adam managed to take the season champ spot with a 10 point lead over Jack, and a 14 point lead over Barry.  He also managed to maintain over 80% on the season, which is a very solid average.  It also explains why he’s sitting in the lead when you include the handicap in the calculation, which was never intended to be impossible, just more difficult.  We’ve decided to add a new rule however, saying that you can’t win both trophies, so the Pinball Wizard trophy goes to Chris Draper, who was only 3 points behind Adam in this race!  Both Adam and Chris earn a replay into next season. 

On the Most Improved front, Andrew made a late season push for the trophy, but in the end couldn’t pass Chris Frolic, who takes it with a 12% improvement.  He also wins a replay into next season. 

A reminder that playoffs are this Sunday at Jim’s place.  The format will be the same match play format we used in the summer, and based on feedback, we’re going to use the same divisional split we used there.  The format will be:

  • Rounds 1-7: Everyone plays everyone else
  • Rounds 8-17: A division players keep going, B division splits off to a separate tournament (with records reset)
  • 4 game final for the top 4 in A and B

The usual rules for division eligibility and minimums apply.  We need a minimum of 8 to run B, so as long as we have 16 or more players, we’ll split divisions roughly 50/50. 

Also, a reminder that we’re going to be doing the end of the year draw on Sunday, including the grand prize of a pinball machine!  You’ll have an entry in the drum for each week you were out, and there are some other prizes besides the big one.  You don’t need to be present to win, but it’d be much better if you were, so come on out, and have a good time at playoffs.  Even if you haven’t been out this season at all, it’s an open tournament. 

See everyone on Sunday!