ToPL Members make finals in A/B/C/Classics divisions at PAPA 17


The PAPA 17 World Pinball Championship was held this past weekend in Pittsburgh. Some of our ToPL members who were there went all the way to the finals of their division:

Adam Becker (A Division finals) – finished 21st, 66 Classics I, 94th Classics III.
Jack Tadman (B Division finals) – finished 10th, 64th Classics III.
Eddie D’Orazio (C Division finals) – finished 11th, 70th Classic I, 62nd Classics III.
John Flitton (Classics III) – Finished 17th, 26th A Division

Results for other ToPL Members (if any are missing please reply to this post and we’ll add them):

David Smith – 38th B Division, 64th Classics III
Les Kowal – 41st B Division, 47th Classics I, 9th Classics II, 98th Classics III
Stephane Raymond – 26th C Division, 69th Classics III
Pete Nicholls – 57th C Division, 24th Seniors, 75th Classics III
Simon Brown – 75th C Division, 73rd Classics III
Ann Nicholls – 128th C Division, 129th Classics III
Hilary Hawoth – 140th C Division, 128th Classics III
James DeVuono – 94th Classics II, 87th Classics III

Congratulations to everyone for making us proud!

Scores and Standings-Week 9

Thanks to Adam and Denise for having everyone over again this week and keeping everyone fed for the evening.  A great collection of games, with a lot of unique titles we don’t see anywhere else.  This week also saw the return of some of the original TOPL members, with Tom and Jennifer dropping by while they were in town.  Glad you guys could make it out last night!  This was also the last league night before the PAPA world championships, so good luck to those that are heading down to compete!  There should be a good sized contingent of TOPL members playing, and live results will be up on through the weekend.  Good luck to the crew making the trip-throw a comment up on to let us know if you’re heading down so we know who to look for in the standings!

Scores and Standings-Week 8

Thanks to everyone who made it out this week, and to Jim for having us all out to his home to play his extensive collection of games.  It seems like we’ve had new people almost every week this season, which is great to see.  This was Jason’s first time out, and Myles brought Michelle for her first league night.  Welcome to both of you, and hopefully this isn’t the last time we see you out to a TOPL event.

Scores and Standings Week 7

Thanks to Nick for having everyone out to play his great collection of games, and a special thanks to Kev for bringing up Samosas again!  For all the people on vacation over the summer, we keep pulling in new members, so welcome to Sonia, Ron, and Russ!  An even 28 last night, and aside from an unidentified burning smell coming from AFM, a successful one.  This is the reason why only one group ended up posting scores for the game all night, and why there is no high score for Tron or AFM this week (a machine needs to be played by 4 groups to award a valid high score).

TOPL Rules updated

Hey everyone, the official TOPL Rules have been updated and posted here. Nothing in there should come as a huge surprise to anyone who’s been coming out for a while now, but what was on the website before had gotten a little out of date, and we wanted to update everything to reflect the changes we’ve made over the past couple of seasons.  The link at the top of the page will take you to the current “live” version of the rules, which cover the operation of the league as well as gameplay for league nights and tournaments.  Have a look, and if there’s something you’d like to suggest or discuss, feel free to email me, ask about it at a league night, or leave a comment on the website.  There’s more changes to come, but for now at least we’ve documented what we’re using in a place where people can find it.  Thanks to Adam for taking an update pass at the document!  The rules also have some more details on malfunctions (and how we deal with them), and what is and isn’t allowed on an extra ball based on questions that have come up.