Season 2 2017-Scores for week 4

Thanks to Scott, Walt, and the rest of the Bluffs crew for opening the warehouse for us this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and it’s still a little early to say much about how the season is going., except that the scores this week were some of the most evenly matched that I can remember.  It’s not too often that you get a group going 10-10-10-10.  We can start tracking most improved after next week.

Good luck to Adam and Phil, who are both representing Canada at the IFPA world championships.  The tournament is heading to Canada next year, so it’d be great to have a Canadian as defending champ!

Next week we’re at Luch’s place-have a great week everyone!

Season 2 2017-Scores for week 3

Thanks to Eddie for hosting this week!  It looks like the season is already off to a strong start with 45 players so far, and that’s only 3 weeks in.  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and while it’s still early, Myles is leading the handicapped race.  A couple more weeks and we’ll start tracking Most Improved as well.

There have also been a couple of updates to the calendar, so if you haven’t re-synced, you might want to make sure you’re up to date.  The TOPL website, Facebook, and Yahoo have all been updated with the correct hosts for the rest of the season.  We’re skipping next week for Victoria Day, and then playing at Bluffs on the 29th.  Walt warned us that it can get really hot there in the summer, so getting in before it gets too humid is probably a good plan.  Thanks again to all the hosts, and I’m looking forward to a great season!  Have a good long weekend everyone, and I’ll see you on the 29th.

Season 2 2017-Scores for week 2

Hey Everyone

Thanks as always to the Staff at Tilt for keeping the machines running in great shape!

This week we also did a mystery score giveaway, the mystery score was 69,872 and the winner was……

Anthony Caradonna with 69,370 in his BOPP score!  Congrats Anthony!  Luch will talk to you on Monday for shirt options of your choice!

Scores for week 2 are up on the PAPA site:

See everyone this Monday at Eddie’s place!


Season 2 2017-Scores for week 1

Welcome to the second Season of TOPL for 2017!

Sorry for not getting this out sooner, I actually had the scores in the Monday night right at the end of league, I just hadn’t gotten around to posting publicly about it.

Anyway thanks as always to Kim and Lori for opening their home and providing food and drink along with access to the games for the night.

Not much to report as it is just the start of a new seasons so anything can still happen.  The full results are up here.

See everyone this Monday at TILT, we are also going to bring back the Mystery Score for this week.  Win a TOPL 20th Anniversary shirt by getting the score closest to the Mystery score!