Scores for week 12

Thanks to Kim for hosting this week!  The season is starting to wrap up, and the scores still have Adam and John in fairly tight contention for the season points total.  Julian and Dave are still fighting it out for the handicap total, with Julian ahead by just 2 points.  Julian is also leading in the Most Improved race again.

Next week, we’re off for the long weekend, and then we’re back to Andrew’s place the week after that.  Have a great long weekend everyone!

Scores for week 11

Thanks to Jim for having us back to his place this week!  Scores are up on the PAPA site, and Dave and Julian are tied for the season lead right now.  Dave still has a slight edge on the most improved stat for the season, but there are still 3 regular season weeks left before playoffs.  Also wanted to welcome two new members this week, both named Rob D (who came independently of each other).  Welcome Rob and Rob, and hopefully we see you guys out again. 

We’re out to Kim’s place next week-see everyone there!

Scores for week 10

Thanks to everyone for coming out to my place this week, and especially thanks to the family members who were entertaining my kids this week!  It meant that Emma was finally able to play her first TOPL week, and that everyone else could benefit from her being able to do things like make fresh brownies.  Scores are up here, and John and Adam are now tied for the season lead, with Mike Capocci coming up close behind.  Dave Newman has pulled just ahead of Julian for the Handicap lead, and has also taken the lead on most improved.  Still plenty of time for things to change though.

We’re at Jim’s place next Monday, so I’ll see everyone there.  Have a great week!

Scores for week 9

Thanks to Luch for hosting us again this week and keeping everyone well fed.  This week’s scores are up in the usual place, and it’s still Adam, John, and Les at the top of the points totals.  Julian is still leading the pack when the handicap is taken into account, and he’s also retaken the most improved spot.

Next week we’re out at my place in Mississauga-have a great week, and see everyone next Monday!