Scores for week 4

Thanks to Nick for hosting us this week, with a great turnout after a week off for the long weekend.  Scores are up here for the week, and it’s still early, so things are still pretty clustered, but as we get more weeks in, things should start to spread out a little more.  One more week and we can also start tracking most improved, but even without the handicap system, it seems that Julian is having a great start to the season, so I’d expect to see his name crop up there.    We also had 4 new people in this week, so welcome to Andy, Chris, Qui, and Mike.  New faces, but some familiar names-I don’t think we’ve had a group of 4 Mikes in one week, but it’s theoretically possible now…  Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves, and you’ll be back for the rest of the season-still plenty of weeks left!

Enjoy the warmer weather this week, and I’ll see everyone at Andrew’s next Monday!

Scores for week 3

Thanks to Luch for hosting this week-results are up in the usual place.  3 weeks in and Adam and John are tied for the season lead, while taking handicaps into account, Julian is still in the lead. 

Now that we’re not tracking high scores anymore, you might notice that we may spread groups out onto more games if they’re available to try to keep things moving.  Before, we needed 4 groups on each game to have a valid high score, but now the only time we need 4 groups playing the same game is with groups of three, which will need median scores.  This also means that if you notice that things are backing up waiting for a particular game, and the entire group agrees, you can ask myself, Adam, or Luch about swapping for something else that’s available, and we’ll see what we can do. 

There’s no pinball next week because of the May long weekend, and then we’re at Nick’s place the week after that.  Have a great May 24, and see you all in 2 weeks!

Scores for week 2

Thanks to Jim for hosting this week, and also to Adam for taking care of the groups/scores while I was away.  Scores are posted on the PAPA site, and the handicap system is already showing some results.  John, Adam and Julian are leading the season so far, but with Julian’s big improvement for the season start, he’s ahead when handicaps are taken into account.  Keep in mind that on the PAPA site, you can sort the standings by clicking the column headings, so you can always see who’s ahead.

Next week we’re at Luch’s place-see everyone next Monday!

Scores for week 1

Welcome to another TOPL season.  Thanks to Scott for hosting this week, with his warehouse of ever-changing pins.  The scores for this week are up on the PAPA site, and you may notice the new “bonus points” column on the score sheets, and a new “Total w/ Handicap” listing on the totals.  This is based on the new handicapping system that we’re trying out this season, so you’ll notice things like Henrik’s 14 being worth more than John’s 16 in the handicap results.  We’ll see how this works out over the course of the season.  High scores are still showing up on the system, but these are just there for fun/information vs any prizes or trophies now. 

Also, congrats to Ian, who won the mystery score giveaway, which includes tickets to the Robert Gagno documentary Wizard Mode on Saturday at the Hot Docs festival.  There are two more screenings this week (Wednesday and Saturday) if you want to catch the movie in a theater, or you can also get it on Vimeo right now via the official site. 

Next week we’re playing at Jim’s place-have a great week everyone!