Scores and standings-week 5

Thanks to Adam for hosting us again this week!  The weather meant that turnout was down a little from last week, but still a good number of people to make the drive up to Keswick.  Results are up on the PAPA site, and now that we’re 5 weeks in, the most improved stats are starting to come online.  As it stands now, Josh is looking to be the man to beat, but it’s still early going, so lots can happen in the next 9 weeks of play. 

Next Monday we’re out at Jim’s place-have a great week everyone!

Scores and standings-week 4

Four weeks into a new season, and we have a second new host to add to the TOPL rotation.  We had a great night at Josh’s place this week, and got to play a couple of unique games to the league, so a huge thanks to Josh for having us over.  Scores for this week are up on the PAPA site.  At this point, keep in mind that the new software is more aggressive about the three dropped weeks (in that it’ll drop them right at the beginning of the season), which is why the “adjusted points” are basically only your best week now.  The totals are there though, and the adjusted scores will start to become much more meaningful after a couple more weeks.  Next week we’ll also be able to start tracking Most Improved.

See everyone at Adam’s next week!

Scores and standings-week 3

Thanks to Nick for hosting us for the first week back in 2016!  A good turnout for the first week back, and a great chance to get back into weekly pinball.  Scores for this week are up in the usual place

We have another first time host coming up next week when we play at Josh’s place, which is pretty central for everyone.  Have a great week everyone!