Scores and Standings week 8

Thanks again to Luch for the pinball, pizza, and hospitality last night!  We had a good turnout this week with 31 players, and we put the new games Luch brought in through their paces.  Scores are also available on the new site, which we’re continuing to run in parallel for the rest of the season.  The intent is to switch over full time next season.

This week was also the first of our Mystery Score Challenges.  The player whose score ended in the digits closest to the mystery score (above or below) would win a TOPL T-Shirt.  The sealed envelope contained 5 numbers:13847:


Which means that Jeff T (RED) came within 303 points of the mystery score to win:


We still have more shirts to give away, so we’ll be doing another one soon-we’ll announce it at least a couple of weeks in advance on the website.

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Scores and standings-week 7

I’d hoped to start publishing on the new system this week, which is why the scores are a little late going up, but we’re still working out a few things on the new platform.  The scores are up on the PAPA site if you want to check them out there, but the data for Most Improved isn’t all there yet, so we’re still keeping both systems up in parallel.  If there’s anything you’d like to see on the new scoring site though, please let us know, or just leave a comment here. 

Thanks to Jim for hosting this week, and welcome to three new members-Che, Todd and Rob. 

High scores this week went to:

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Scores and Standings: Week6 – New Software Preview

As the old saying goes, while the cat’s away the mice will play 🙂 Since Chris is off this week and I was back to doing scores I thought it might be a good time to introduce everyone to where we are headed with the league in terms of upgrading our scoring system.

For as long as I have been in the league, the week to week scores and groupings have all be handled on a excel spreadsheet that has is really a work of art in and of itself, and kept working on the sheer perseverance of one member, that being Charles Blaquiere. I can’t even imagine how much more difficult it would have been to run this league without that Excel spread sheet all these years, so thanks very much Charles for your hard work up to this point.

Staring with Frolic last year TOPL started an initiative with Joe Schrober of the FSPA, to move onto a new system for scoring in the league. With the help of Joe doing all the back-end work and PAPA donating the hosting services we are very close to finally moving off onto this new piece of software.

This will open up a realm of new opportunities for us from a tracking and data perspective as all information is kept available at all times on this site, forever. One thing is to get all the historical data into the system but that is a long term project.

Keep in mind we are still working out the kinks, we only have 2 full seasons worth of data, plus the current in session season and the most improved award hasn’t been added in yet.

But everything else is there, so without further ado I’d like to introduce everyone to the Toronto Pinball League Manager, brought to us by the FPSA and PAPA!

Main page:

This week’s results:

The spreadsheet will get updated this week so we can publish the most improved, but for now I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into some of the stuff the leadership team has been working on in the back-end.